1 Yuki Nagato 1
Some attributes
First Age: 3-4, 16-17 (Physically)
Second Striking Feature: Cute short hair, sweet face, and over all subdued adorableness.
Third Body Type: Petite
Other attributes
Fourth Two Versions
Fifth Not Human
Yuki Nagato is tritagonist of anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. She is an artificial entity created by a complex alien mind. Nagato is very quiet, seemingly without emotion. As the series progresses she shows more of her emotions and becomes closer with the protagonist Kyon. Her more cute appearance and petite build make her far less of a subject to fanservice than the show's other two heroines. Despite this, she appears in a bikini in one of the endless eight episodes and has several racy official artwork pictures and figures.


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