Amy Render Perfect
Some attributes
First Age: 14
Second Striking Feature: Beautiful face that stands out, Gothic Lolita Design,
Third Body Type: Petite
Other attributes
Fourth Fan Favorite
Fifth Malfested

Amy Sorel is a villainess from the Soul Calibur series. Her first appearance was in the opening movie of Soul Calibur 2. In that game, it was revealed that she saved Raphael from being caught by the law. Indebted to her, he adopted her as his daughter. In the third game, she became playable as a bonus character and was fought in a special event. In Soul Calibur IV she became a main playable character. This is where her main design was created and her fandom began to grow. Since Soul Calibur IV she has become a fan favorite. This is on account of her stoic and mysterious personality, Gothic Lolita design, and sheer beauty. Amy also appeals to "certain people" for her young age and petite body. Since four allows for players to strip armor from characters, Amy has been a subject of fanservice that the player has complete control over. Her return in Soul Calibur Lost Swords, allows the player to go further, since this game has more and sexier outfits available. The creators even caught wind of her appeal, putting her in the magic knight armor trailer. The magic armor is an extremely revealing outfit, even drawn by a hentai artist.


SOULCALIBUR Lost Swords/Magic Knight01:01

SOULCALIBUR Lost Swords/Magic Knight

Amy appears in the Magic Armor

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